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GB Global Curriculum Alignment

Very exciting news to all Gracie Barra students around the world! Since Jan 2nd,2013,  all official GB schools around the globe synchronized their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs.  In other words, all 300 + Gracie Barra schools, established in 5 continents, are now teaching their students the same lesson each day.  

Regardless what Gracie Barra School in the planet you are taking Jiu Jitsu lessons, you will be taught the same techniques and practice exactly the same drills as you were at the GB Head Quarters, learning directly from Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

This initiative is part of Gracie Barra’s Global Curriculum Alignment, and it will help the students to keep track of what they are learning day after day, no matter where they are.

This week all GB schools will be teaching their students the lessons from week number 9 of our annual schedule.

If you wish to have a PDF copy of the Fundamentals 2.0, or any other GB program, please ask at the front desk, or call Gracie Barra Santa Barbara today, and we will be happy to assist you.

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