Gracie Barra Santa BarbaraGracie Barra Santa Barbara

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Updated Schedule

Morning & Early Afternoon Classes

Anti-Bullying 10:00-11:00
Street Jiu-Jitsu 11:00-12:00
All Levels 12:00-01:00All Levels 12:00-01:00All Levels 12:00-01:00All Levels 12:00-01:00All Levels 12:00-01:00MMA 12:00-01:00
Sparring 01:00-01:30Sparring 01:00-01:30Sparring 01:00-01:30Sparring 01:00-01:30Sparring 01:00-01:30

Late Afternoon & Evening Classes

Kids 04:30-05:30Teens 04:00-05:00Kids 04:30-05:30Teens 04:00-05:00Kids 04:30-05:30
Fundamentals 06:00-07:00Juniors 05:00-06:00Fundamentals 06:00-07:00Juniors 05:00-06:00Fundamentals 06:00-07:00
Advanced 07:00-08:00Advanced 07:00-08:00Advanced 07:00-08:00Advanced 06:00-07:00Sparring 07:00-08:00
No Gi 08:00-09:00Fundamentals 07:00-08:00No Gi 08:00-09:00Fundamentals 07:00-08:00

Fundamentals: up to 2 stripes white belt

All Levels: all levels welcome

Advanced: white Belt 3 strips and above

Kids: 4 to 7 years old

Juniors: 8 to 11 years old

Teens:12 to 16 years old

Sparring: white Belt 3 strips and above

The Schedule is dynamic and is improved every season (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring) to better fit our students needs.

Private classes can be scheduled during the morning and other times depending on the instructors availability. Students interested in private training can talk to our team members.

To get more information about each class, curriculums and the Gracie Barra Program Structure, feel free to contact us 805 845-2272

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