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Great news! GBSB has a new Black belt Professor!!!


Last Thursday was coach Marcelo’s last day at our school. With only 1 year left to graduate in one of the most respectful engineering schools in Brazil, coach Marcelo returned to his hometown to finish his studies. But before you start to miss seeing him on the mats we brought you some fantastic news. We are pleased to introduce you a new GBSB black belt professor! Professor Juan Pablo Garcia, former Gracie Barra Encino’s head instructor, is now part of our team of instructors. Besides Prof. Rodrigo, Ighor Tavares and kids class coach Jim Duffy, Juan Pablo is now part of our staff and will be available on the daily basis to teach all of our classes.  Find Prof. Juan’s bio below:

Juan Pablo Garcia started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu back in Ecuador, and after a couple of years he felt he needed more. He started traveling to Brazil and USA to train and to compete. JP, as he is called, is the first Ecuadorian under the Gracie Barra to receive a Black Belt. Promoted by Professor Daniel “Montanha” De Lima (Gracie Barra Miami) he is a great instructor because of his extensive experience and knowledge on BJJ, but most of all because of his generous and giving nature for the students to become all they can be.

His pasion is to teach and spread the art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Juan Pablo has helped to develop BJJ in Latin America. For years he has been traveling across South America, teaching seminars, competing, and training in countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, as well as Canada, and all over USA.

Juan Pablo stands out  for his dedication to the principles of Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu and for his passion for teaching children starting at 3 years of age, as well as high level athletes. Professor JP is an outstanding role-model and mentor to all of his students. Charisma and teaching skills are just as natural talents to him as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Among many titles in competitions Prof. JP holds a 9-1-0 record in Mixed Martial Arts.

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