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“The GB Lab”: New class added to our schedule!

Besides quality instruction, one of the most important things that BJJ practitioners will need in place to mature their game is mat time. For every new technique learned, the student has to dedicate a fair amount of time to that move until it become natural and it blend in with the student’s game.
In order to help our students to further improve their Jiu-Jitsu skills, we decided to add a new class to our existing schedule: ” The GB Lab.” 
During this class, students will have a chance to brainstorm how to connect all those new moves into what they already know. Under the supervision of one of our instructors, you will get to practice all the moves taught during the week, and most important, accommodate your new set of skills creating a seamless game flow! 
The GB Lab will take place every Saturday, at noonright after the “All levels class”. Don’t miss the chance to take your BJJ game to the next level!
*Students taking the “GB Lab” will share the mats with the Women Self Defense class. Although students will be separated and each class will have their own private instructor.

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