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Spring Belt Test Scheduled For March 21st.

Dear Students,

 We have exciting news regarding the upcoming BELT TEST and Annual GBSB Belt Ceremony!

The test will be held on Friday, March 21th, at our school. Kids, Juniors, Teens and Adult students will be tested in the same day.

The children exam is scheduled to start at 4:00pm, and the event will continue as follow:

         – Juniors & Teens: 4:00 to 5pm

         – Kids: 5:00 to 6:00

 All kids who pass the test will receive a certificate of achievement and a new belt!

 The Adult Exam is scheduled to start at 6pm. All students who receive a “test invitation” from Gracie Barra Santa Barbara will have a chance to test for their new belt rank. 

 Attention: In order to take the test, the actual student’s rank must comply with the Gracie Barra minimum class attendance requirements.

Only the students who receive the “test invitation” are cleared to take the exam.

For more information on the minimum attendance requirement please check out on the Belt Chart located inside the changing room. 

 Adults test will last approximately 60 minutes and it will involve multiple techniques found in their respective curriculums. A list with the techniques required to be performed during the test have already been sent out to all qualified test candidates. Each student will have to execute correctly at least 70% of the techniques. 

Students who miss the “test day” will only be able to test again on the next Belt Test scheduled for June 2014. 

 A Semi-Private lesson will be offered to all Belt Test Attendee’s 

This lesson will be held at the school, on the same week of the Belt Test, and it is included on the Belt Test Fee.

 It’s required that all students testing for the new rank pay the Belt Test fee one week prior to the event. 

 Please, let us know if you have any question. We will be happy to assist you.

Good luck everyone!



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