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GBSB Professors promoted by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

GBSB Professors Rodrigo Clark & Juan Pablo Garcia had a big surprise last week.

After a training session at GB Mission Viejo, during the team’s training camp for the 2014 Worlds, Clark was awarded with his third degree to the black belt.

The honor came from the hands of the team founder and leader Carlos Gracie Jr.

Clark talked about the graduation: “I was honored to receive my 3rd degree from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. today, during the GB Worlds Training Camp. It’s been a pleasure to represent the Gracie Barra flag and to be part of this incredible BJJ family for so many years. Gracie Barra forever!”

In the same opportunity Prof. J.P Garcia received his first degree. After 3 years as a Black belt Juan Pablo was honored with his fist stripe, given by no one less than Gracie Barra leader, Master Carlos Gracie Jr.


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