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What’s Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is globally recognized as an extremely effective form of Self Defense as well as an incredible way to get in shape fast!

Muay Thai is very different from typical kickboxing classes. There are punches, knees, elbows, kicks, clinch-work and even throws. Muay Thai training develops cardio, speed, strength, agility, power, coordination, and best of all, training Muay Thai is fun!

Training environment

Training Muay Thai does not mean that you will be sparring. Once you reach a certain level you will have the option to spar under the close supervision of our instructors. But we understand that not everyone is interested in exchanging punches and kicks with another person. You can benefit from training Muay Thai without having to spar if you wish. It is fun choice for those who want to get in shape and have fun while exercising.

Our instructors

Muay Thai classes at Gracie Barra Santa barbara are run by highly decorated instructors with many years of teaching and competing experience. The classes are intense and authentic in style, and our facility is the ONLY in the area offering original Muay Thai training. Our Muay Thai classes are open to men, women and teens who want to get in great shape, learn self-defense and improve their stand up game.

Muay Thai classes are offered daily. Stop by and try a FREE intro lesson today!

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