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Nick Koonce

“My four year old son has been training at GBSB for almost six months now. Jiu Jitsu provides him with an appropriate outlet for his natural little boy aggression and a good balanced physical fitness program. The repetition of carefully structured games and exercises are something he looks forward to. It is helping him to learn respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, team work, setting and working toward long term goals, delayed gratification, patients, dedication, self control, self confidence, social skills and more. All of these things, we strive to teach him at home but of course he challenges everything we say. Somehow, when he’s learning these things more subtly, from a third party (one that he knows he cannot take for granted)… it makes us more credible. Our instruction on such things just sounds like Charlie Brown’s parents droning on and on. When we show him how those skills learned in training apply to real life situations, the recognition is solid and unquestioned. We are HUGE fans of the Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu Academy Santa Barbara!”

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